Let’s Talk about Customer Service: Part 2

Let’s Talk about Customer Service: Part 2

Let’s Talk about Customer Service: Part 2

As I stated in my last blog, it was about Rachel Quittner going the extra mile to make sure our elderly seller was well taken care of for her needs and the sale of her home.

What happened next…..

Rachel and I worked not only with the seller to make sure all went perfectly, but also Mariposa Senior Community, the attorney, the doctors, the fiduciary and the new buyer. The sale of this property was a bit of a challenge to place on the market, as it had been condemned by the city of Goleta. It had no running water inside, no working kitchen, and no heat. We needed an all cash buyer, a quick close and we found just the right buyer. The buyer was to purchase the home AS IS and was to pay for the removal of all the contents inside the home. This was a huge task as it was a hoarder home, full to the brim of items, trash, furniture, rat droppings and more. Plus the seller wanted the buyer to pull out personal items she wanted to keep. The buyer paid $100K over asking price, agreed to remove all of the contents, set aside all the items on her list, arranged for the donation of her 3 cars and covered all of the dumping fees of 4 large dumpsters!

We closed escrow within 15 days, all cash and the buyer went to work. As he was removing items, we were in charge of getting the seller's animals into a permanent daycare, until the seller was out of the hospital. Rachel worked on the animals and I

worked on getting her items pulled from the house and packed and into a pod. We had dishes, sewing machines, furniture, crafts, photos and more that needed packing and moved into the POD. The seller does not have family in Santa Barbara, the closest member is in Ohio. Rachel and I have become her family. Rachel talks with the seller'scousin weekly to give them an update on her health, facetimes the seller with her friends and picks up her dog bi-weekly from Dioji so the seller can get love from her dog. It is a special time for everyone, the other residents enjoy her dog’s company too!


Next we will be going over to the seller’s storage units to help clean out the remaining belongings. We will then set aside the sellers requested items (which will be moving with her POD to Ohio) and we will then work on selling or donating the remaining items in the units. We are doing this after the sale of the home. Rachel and I take great pride with the extra details we do to help our clients, buyers and sellers. We don’t just stop once a sale is complete, we continue to help in whatever ways we are needed. We pride ourselves in our concierge service as a thanks to our clients for working with us.

As our seller waits for the weather to warm up before moving back to Ohio to be with her family, we are here to give this beautiful senior woman our helping hand.


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