A Sale on the Upper Eastside in Santa Barbara

A Sale on the Upper Eastside in Santa Barbara

Do you have family members in need of:
-Selling the family home?
-Clearing the contents of the home? If so, call Your SB Team, We can help!

One of our current sales was on the Upper East Side in Santa Barbara. A wonderful family reached out from the East Coast asking us to help them with the sale of their sister's home as they didn’t know how or where to start with clearing out the house and getting it ready for sale. This is our specialty! We love helping families with the tasks needed to prepare their home for sale.

The family flew out and worked on getting their sister’s valuables and any fond memories collected. Once they organized what was special, they wanted to donate leftover items to various non-profits. As a team, we all worked together to make this possible. Rachel and I were in charge of donating the beautiful clothing, purses and
shoes. We boxed them up, loaded 15-20 boxes into the back of our pick-up truck and delivered them to Franklin Elementary School (which has a low income population).
The school’s families were beyond thrilled to have been gifted beautiful clothing, shoes and purses donated. And yes, it was a tax deduction for our seller's family.

After all valuables and clothing were cleared out, we left some of the contemporary furniture in place due to its updated style. This helped make the home look cozy (and not vacant) which is important for two reasons:

1)    To make it look semi-staged and give that sense of “home” for a new buyer.
2)    We did not want the home to look vacant to the public.

Most homes that we list for sale we prefer to stage, but with the seller’s contemporary furniture, we could make it work! We have a list of vendors we use to make the home sparkle and shine, from touch up paint, to our favorite house and window cleaners. We were able to get our vendors in quickly so we could hold a 3 day open house over the
long weekend.

We also suggested having a home and pest inspection prior to selling the home. This is important for 2 reasons. First, so the seller would know what the home repair needs are and secondly, a buyer would have knowledge prior to writing their offer. This helps the buyer with the decision regarding how much they want to offer and to understand what they are buying. Many times buyers place an offer and have a home inspection afterwards. This could be a problem because it could result in a buyer backing out due to undiscovered repairs needed.

From the above reports, the buyer for this home understood what the home needed and decided to order extra inspections as the property was built in 1923. Their additional concerns were the chimney, foundation and roof. From those additional inspections, it turned out that the home had more repairs needed. The sellers were able to understand the discovered costs from the new inspections (a new roof, reinforcing the foundation to make it earthquake proof, and the chimney had missing brick and mortar). The seller agreed to reduce the price due to these new discoveries from professional contractors. As they usually say “the first offer will be your best offer”. These buyers put in the first offer and they were solid buyers that wanted this beautiful home and were willing to take on the repairs ahead.

Once the buyers signed off on all contingencies, we were able to sell most of the furniture for the family and donated the rest. We had the home cleaned and ready for the new buyer before the close of escrow. Today, we are closing escrow and everyone is happy! The escrow was fast and without issues! The home is ready to turn over to the new buyer and with all of our hard work, we were able to make this transaction stress free for the East Coast sellers!

We are very proud of all the detailed work we provide to our clients. Our team is available to be your home helper making sure the sale of your home is safe, loving and handled with care.

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